Friday, June 7, 2013

How to clean furniture

Synonymous with the use of kitchen cleaning chemicals, automatically you need to have the stock and the price is quite expensive. In fact, some natural ingredients can work together with chemical substances, such as salt. Salt than can be used for cooking, salt can be used to clean the kitchen furniture.

Many people think that cleaning the kitchen space is very difficult and troublesome. Especially look at the dirty kitchen after cooking, such as dirty dishes piled up, greasy pans, greasy stove, and so forth. With the use of salt, kitchen furniture can be clean. Here are some benefits to help keep your household furniture becomes more shiny.

A coffee maker and coffee cup

Remove stains from coffee and mineral glass pot to make coffee. By adding 1 cup crushed ice, 1 tablespoon water, and 4 tsp salt into a glass pan, mix until mixed evenly and rinse. Then wash as usual.

Remove stains from light colored cups and coffee cups by rubbing the stained area. Rub with salt and a little water. Wash your cup as normal until clean.


If the rest of the cake in the oven is difficult to remove, sprinkle with salt. Wait a few minutes, then lift with a spatula when the oven cools.


To clean the refrigerator, sprinkle salt and baking soda in equal amounts over the sponge bazaar. Then wipe the surface of the refrigerator to clean.

Glass jars and jars

Clean stains on glass jars and jars are very easy to do. The trick, wipe with vinegar and salt Kacar to keep it clean and free of bacteria.

Eliminating odors from equipment

The smell of garlic, onions, eggs and meat, and oil can interfere with your kitchen appliances. So the equipment must be cleaned stainless, aluminum or clay with salt and lime juice.

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