Thursday, July 25, 2013

How To Keep No Hurry Dirty Kitchen

After cooking, often leftover food and grease stuck to the kitchen wall. Certainly make annoyed because you need extra effort to clean up and get a delicious reduce odor.

Well, so you do not mess around anymore with a job cleaning the kitchen, consider some ways quickly:

1. To clean the rest of the food stuck when grilling with microwave, spray with aerosol. Or if you do not like the smell of aerosol, then spread with olive oil and then clean the equipment with paper towels.

2. Preheat the frying pan before you pour the cooking oil. This method reduces the food that sticks to the pan when used for frying.

3. Once the food is removed from the pan, turn off the stove. Let the pan cool and then give water to taste. This will make the rest of the food stuck missing. However, do not do this if there is still oil in a skillet. Oil and water do not mix, the way will only complicate the process of cleaning the pan.

4. Keep glass bottles that are not used. You can use it to store used cooking oil.

5. For the cake batter, use a piece of aluminum foil when grilling her. Aluminum foil can be used for cleaning pans and microwave quickly.

6. Give pedestal while peeling potatoes or other vegetables. This serves to peel vegetables easily removed later.

7. Wash all cooking utensils immediately. When cooking, then immediately wash all cookware used to prevent foods and smells that stick.

Kitchen Equipment Cleaning Tips

Clean kitchen appliances become an essential prerequisite for the family's health. We need to pay attention on how to clean it, because their kitchen utensils and cooking equipment and material has its own way to clean it.

Here are some tips on cleaning the kitchen appliances are very useful for you:
Kitchen Equipment from Wood

a. To clean you simply smear a few drops of this oil can clean waste vegetable and meat cuts stick.
b. To prevent the smell of food containers or dishes with water soak for yesterday given white vinegar.
Kitchen Tools from Plastic